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Miss Albi, celebrates ethnic soul music deeply fused global rhythms and modern beats together.

Creator of conscious communities "SoulDance", and "Ecstatic Woman" that promote unity through movement and music.

A home DJ at the “Traklin” artists group.

With a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, her sets combining global sounds with oriental electronic beats.

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21.8 ✦ Ecstatic woman | tickets
14.8 ✦ Sputnik bar 

18.8 ✦ Migdalor Sunset 
8.9 ✦ 
Ecstatic woman |  tickets

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16.9 ✦ SoulDance Festival | tickets
4-7.10 ✦ Midbar Festival | Tickets
19-20.10 ✦ Imagine fest | Tickets 

Juicy  Ethnic

Miss Albi

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